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Sleeping Beauty

     I caught Princess sleeping on the couch. Well, she was asleep before I took the picture. She is a light sleeper, though. She is so cute when she sleeps, and even more cute after a day at the spa.

Gaurd dog

     Princess is looking out the window, as she usually does. In fact, it's one of her favorite things to do. She is very protective at her family. She will bark at grass (literally.) When we are watching t.v. and she hears a doorbell or a cell phone go off, she will bark like crazy. And if some one really rings the doorbell, it is so annoying cause we can barely answer the door without her trying to get outside. Then for the next two minutes she will be wining while she's looking out the window. But I am glad she does that, because one day if somebody tries to break into our house, we won't have to worry about him stealing or killing anybody without us knowing. We also wouldn't need to buy a home alarm system.

Christmas '08

      This is Princess on Christmas day (after all of the present-opening obviously.) The dress she is wearing she got last Christmas, but this Christmas she got a chew toy, a bag of treats, and a spa certificate that includes a free shampoo upgrade.

Princess's Dress

     Here, my dog just got a day at the spa. She got her hair cut, took a bath, and if you look closely she got her nails painted, too. We also just bought her the dress she is wearing and the bows in her hair. Now I know what your thinking, "Why are they toturing this dog?" Well she doesn't really mind, and she looks so cute!

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