My Dog Princess

     I got Princess on Christmas Day '05. The whole family came downstairs and saw the most wonderful dog on the planet.

     One day at our old house, Daddy was just sitting on the couch and then all of a sudden Princess just starts shaking and looses control of her body. We didn't know what to do so we just held her until it was over. It lasted a while, about 3 minutes. Once she was okay we searched online what could be wrong with her. She had a seizuere, we guessed and 'epilepsy' popped up in our results. We clicked on it, and it said epilepsy is when a dog has seizures about once a month. It said it was not fatal but it can cause loss of memory. We went to our vet and the lady told us that she has epilepsy and she needs to take medicine every day for it. Once we started to get used to the routine and didn't worry about it as much, one day we forgot to give her the medicine. As you would probably guess, she had a seizure. So now the first thing we do in the morning is give her the medicine.

     We are lucky to have a dog like her, even with her disease, she is not only cute but also smart. We taught her a few tricks, she knows sit, stay, lie down, jump, twirl, and roll over. She can also tell what hand you put the food in. Princess knows what treat, car ride, daddy, mommy, outside, potty, walk, bye bye, and of course Princess mean. A sneaky dog she is, too. When we first started giving her the medicine, she took it in pills. We would have to force it down her throat. So we put the pill in a hot dog. Well a month after she started taking the medicine I was cleaning the couch and I found a small pile of her pills! Now we have to give the medicine to her though liquids.

     Princess doesn't like to be alone. She is a true lap dog. Her favorite person is daddy, and she follows him around everywhere. She doesn't get out of bed until he gets out of bed. If he moves an inch, she follows. One day we tried to lock her up in her kennel so we can go see some family for the day, and the whole neighborhood could here her crying. We didn't want her to have an accident in the house, so we put her in the garage so only our close neighbors could here her.

     She might like people, but she doesn't like dogs. Big dogs, at least. We took her to a dog park one time and the big dogs wanted to play with her and she got crushed. We don't want her to be afraid of other dogs, so we are trying to get her used to dogs.

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Princess the poodle