Haircut 08/10/2009
Today I went out to get my haircut. The last time I got it cut was a year ago. My hair grows really fast. So I had to get it cut. I cut off about four and a half inches, so now it's just below the shoulder. I think I like my hair longer, it looked a lot better.
Sorry! 08/07/2009
Sorry for not keeping the site up to date. I haven't been on for a month. Ya, a month exactly. I'm making a promise to myself to edit at least once a week. Nothing exciting has happened lately. Keep checking my site for more updates!
Independence Day 07/07/2009

Happy late birthday to America! 233 years old. We celebrated by having some of our family coming over, my aunt and her family, and went to the beach on Saturday. The beach was packed, and we couldn't stay too long because we had two baby-toddlers with us. We went home at three and had hot dogs for dinner. The next day we had a long drive to the Space Center. It was worth it-the Space Center was awesome. But my aunt had to leave on Monday morning, they had a few hour drive ahead of them.


Yesterday I did a photo shoot with Princess because she just got back from the groomers and there is an online photo contest that this website is doing ( I was struggling at first because Princess kept on barking when she saw somebody pass our house. Eventually she calmed down. I took pictures of her on our couch, in our game room, and in my room. I put the best pictures in the photo gallery so you can see them. I will tell you if I win! (Which is a very good chance because it doesn't seem like a lot of people are doing it.)

Fleas 06/24/2009

I noticed like a week ago that Princess has been biting herself like crazy. I didn't think it was anything then, since she just started doing it. Well yesterday while I was rubbing her a flea jumped on me. I tried to catch it to put it in the sink, but those things are fast! So I went to the store to by this flea-gel stuff and put that on her. Before I did that I looked at her coat. There was lots of little black stuff in her hair, I was guessing they were flea eggs. So today she is going to the groomers to get a good bath. And a haircut, she's getting a little shaggy.

San Antonio 06/22/2009

Yesterday I visited San Antonio for the day to see my Aunt. We couldn't bring Princess because we were walking around all day and we wouldn't be able to bring here into resteraunts and stuff like that. So to save money, we put Princess outside in the backyard. She's been home alone before, but I couldn't stop worrying about her all day for a few reasons. One, I live in Texas. It is very hot outside, even with a bucket full of water and a nice shady spot. Two, the neighborhood kids get into our backyard all the time without our permission. They are nuisances, I tell you. So had to put a wire on our gate to keep them out. And three, I was worried she would get out somehow like through a little hole in the fence. After exploring the beautiful city, we came home and whe was fine. But when I went to pet her she was wet. Then I remembered that our sprinklers went off in the morning and night. Poor Princess. She hates getting wet. But at least she got to cool down.


Okay, I know I skipped a week. I forgot, sorry! This time I am doing it a day earlier because I am going to San Antonio tomorrow! It's going to be a long drive. Anyways, for question #1: When did we get Princess? The answer is December 25, 2005 (christmas.) 100% of the people who voted got that right! Question #2: What disorder (or health problem) does Princess have? The answer is Epilepsy. Again, everybody got that right!


As a fellow animal lover, I am going to help by doing my part. I go to every day to feed an animal with a click. Just with one click every day-it's totally free, not a scam-can feed a rescue animal. I hope you decide to do your part, too.


Okay I was supposed to do this yesterday but I forgot. For question #1: When was Princess born? The answer is November 2, 2005. Only 52% of people got that right, and there was 9 votes. Question #2: What would Princess probably do if a labrador retriever came up to her? The answer is put her tail between her legs and try to hide behind her daddy. Only 50% of the votes were right, and there was 9 votes. Come on, you guys can do better than that! Okay now I have to go come up with more questions. If you have any suggestions on questions, email me!

Garage Sale 06/05/2009

I decided it's time to get rid of my junk. So today and tomorrow I am having a garage sale. I'm on break now, I started at nine this morning. I've been doing pretty good, so far I have made more than $200. It helps if you live in a big town, like I do. I am selling clothes, toys, tiny t.v.s, ect. I am even selling some of Princess's clothes that don't fit her anymore. But she has been driving me crazy all day! When I had to set up in the morning I had to leave the door wide open and she would get out. Then once the garage sale started I closed the door, but she would scratch on the door and bark. A few times today I would let her out in the front, when nobody was there, but some one would show up while she was out there and she would go crazy barking.


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