training 08/10/2009
megan usualy during the day gets out my fud and tels me to do trix. she tells me to sit, lay down, rol ovor, jump, and twirl. roling ovor is the hardest one. somtims i just dont feal lik doing it and i just lay ther. we do gams to. she puts fud in won of her hands and tels me 'wich hand is it in' and i hav to ges wich won it is in. somtims she makes trails for me to folow and they all lead to my fud boll, and then we stop playing. another won is wear she hids the fud and i hav to find it. i like that gam the most.
all alon 06/22/2009

Yesterday the hole famly left the howse to go somplac. i was all alon for the hole day. i was realy sad. i dont like to be alon. i thot my famly was never going to com back like what hapened to the dogs on tv. and it was realy hot outsid to mak it wors. but in the morning wen i first got out ther, water started shooting out of the grownd. it was realy weird. but it wasnt hot outsid yet, so i didnt like it dat much. i dont lik water. so later in the day, alot later, water started shooting out of the grownd again. even tho i dont lik water i still went kinda clos to it so i can cool off. then the sun started to go down and i got woried. that was wen i herd a door open. it smeled like my famly, but i stil had to be carful cause it could be a trick. but then daddy came thru the back door. i was so happy. it felt like the longest day of my lif.

bug 06/10/2009

for the last few days ther is a bug that keeps on bothring me and my famly. i try to kill the bug but he is realy fast. i also bark at it to try to scare him away, but megan keeps on yelling at me to stop. so i stoped barking but i stil try to get him.

summer 06/08/2009

i am happy it is summer. all of my famly is hom alot mor now. and i go to dog parks mor to. but it is realy hot ousid. dats ok, but somtims it maks me realy thirsty. i also like summer becuz we go on alot mor vacashuns in da summer.

other dogs 05/30/2009

somtims i see other dogs outsid. i dont lik the big dogs. somtims they can be nise, but usually they just try to push me over and say "lets play! lets play!" i do lik playing wit small dogs tho. lik at the park the other day i met another dog that was smaller than me and we didnt relly play but we  becam frends. i hope i see him agan

today 05/22/2009

today i playd wit megan and hannah. they gav me a lot of food wen i sat down or roled ovor. they wuld also thro food and i wuld run after it. it was kinda boring at first but den i started liking it. 

stuf i lik to do 04/21/2009

on normul days i usualy sleep and look out da window. i realy lik looking out da window. i hav to look outsid and when i see other peple and animals i bark at dem so dey wil go away. i used to be not dat good at it but now i am awsom. somtims megan and hannah tak me for walks. walks are sooo fun. i get to smel everyting dat is in da neborhood. and i realy like it when i go for car rids. i can stik my face out da window and smel everyting! i like playing wit my toys but they are not as fun as car rids. megan used to teach me how to do triks but we dont do dat as much anymor cuz i already no a lot of triks. i also go on vacashuns but hardly ever i do. stil they are fun.


my favrite humans are daddy, my master, and megan, my sissy. i hav anothor sissy named hannah. she is realy nise. megan and hannah take me for walks and daddy just plays wit me insid. he does take me outsid somtims, tho. i also hav a brothor named mark and a mommy. my brothor liks to play wit me insid and outsd but not as much as megan and hannah. and then thers my mommy. she givs me food and wader. she also givs me toys. but she mostly puts dreses on me. the dreses are okay, as long as ther not the realy itchy ones.

my diry 04/18/2009

hi everyone! my name is princess and dis is my diry. i lik my diry. i wil tipe mor soon.



    hi my name is princess and dis is my blog!

Princess the poodle