all alon 06/22/2009

Yesterday the hole famly left the howse to go somplac. i was all alon for the hole day. i was realy sad. i dont like to be alon. i thot my famly was never going to com back like what hapened to the dogs on tv. and it was realy hot outsid to mak it wors. but in the morning wen i first got out ther, water started shooting out of the grownd. it was realy weird. but it wasnt hot outsid yet, so i didnt like it dat much. i dont lik water. so later in the day, alot later, water started shooting out of the grownd again. even tho i dont lik water i still went kinda clos to it so i can cool off. then the sun started to go down and i got woried. that was wen i herd a door open. it smeled like my famly, but i stil had to be carful cause it could be a trick. but then daddy came thru the back door. i was so happy. it felt like the longest day of my lif.



Sat, 27 Jun 2009 10:11:03



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