stuf i lik to do 04/21/2009

on normul days i usualy sleep and look out da window. i realy lik looking out da window. i hav to look outsid and when i see other peple and animals i bark at dem so dey wil go away. i used to be not dat good at it but now i am awsom. somtims megan and hannah tak me for walks. walks are sooo fun. i get to smel everyting dat is in da neborhood. and i realy like it when i go for car rids. i can stik my face out da window and smel everyting! i like playing wit my toys but they are not as fun as car rids. megan used to teach me how to do triks but we dont do dat as much anymor cuz i already no a lot of triks. i also go on vacashuns but hardly ever i do. stil they are fun.



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