Sadly, I had to get rid of one of my pages. I guess you know which one, desktop backgrounds. It wasn't a very good idea I think anyways. I got rid of it because I wanted a new page: Princess's Trivia. My best friend gave me the idea. I like it. It's where you can answer the questions that I ask about Princess. See how much you really know! I will give 2 questions every week. At the end of the week I will post the answer on my blog and on the page. The answer is on this website, so  don't tell me it isn't!


Have a happy Memorial Day! I would like to honor my grandpa and my uncle, who didn't die while in service, but both served in the military. My family and I aren't doing anything special to celebrate, just probably going to go swimming in our neighborhood pool and spend time as a family.


I've been looking for something new to put on this website and I finally got an idea. I decided to make collages of dogs and post them on here. You can use them as screensavers, if you like or you can just look at them. Please give me comments! I will also make a special one if you email me ( and if you give me your email and I could email the picture to you. When I put them on my site, the background is a little blurry. It will turn out much better through email.


Hey guys happy Earth Day! I am not really environmentally friendly, though. In fact, I am sort of against the whole environmental thing. It's all a bunch of junk, I don't even have enough room to say why! But I still am going to do my part because it's not like i believe in throwing trash into rivers and stuff. I am going to go to the beach clean up with my friend on Saturday. I am mostly going for my friend,


I have had a few really good ideas lately (like Princess's diary) but I am still open for more! Please give me some ideas to either put on the website or to improve my website. I am kind of new to this so please help! If you do have any ideas, comment on my blog or email me at


I just recently added a new feature. Princess's diary! I thought it was a great idea let me know what you think. Oh ya if there is too much spelling errors and you can't even read it let me know and i will fix it.


Hey you guys happy Easter!!! Again, we're just staying home doing nothing. It's not that bad, I still get to spend time with my family. Princess doesn't care either.


Dog Park




Yesterday Me and Princess went to the dog park so she could get used to some other dogs. She had a great time because most of the dogs were her size and nice to her. She made a few friends with two schnauzers. I have pictures of the dog park in the photo gallery!


Is there anyone out there who needed spring break more than I did? I don't think so. Well I am not going anywhere for spring break, just staying home and relaxing. Poor Princess. She was looking towards a vacation for this year's spring break.


My website has turned out to be a success! I am completely finished and bored too because there's nothing for me to do on this but I still keep on looking at it. I will keep my website updated with new pictures, stories, and blogs. Please leave me comments or email me because I want to hear what you have to say! (

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