San Antonio 06/22/2009

Yesterday I visited San Antonio for the day to see my Aunt. We couldn't bring Princess because we were walking around all day and we wouldn't be able to bring here into resteraunts and stuff like that. So to save money, we put Princess outside in the backyard. She's been home alone before, but I couldn't stop worrying about her all day for a few reasons. One, I live in Texas. It is very hot outside, even with a bucket full of water and a nice shady spot. Two, the neighborhood kids get into our backyard all the time without our permission. They are nuisances, I tell you. So had to put a wire on our gate to keep them out. And three, I was worried she would get out somehow like through a little hole in the fence. After exploring the beautiful city, we came home and whe was fine. But when I went to pet her she was wet. Then I remembered that our sprinklers went off in the morning and night. Poor Princess. She hates getting wet. But at least she got to cool down.



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