Garage Sale 06/05/2009

I decided it's time to get rid of my junk. So today and tomorrow I am having a garage sale. I'm on break now, I started at nine this morning. I've been doing pretty good, so far I have made more than $200. It helps if you live in a big town, like I do. I am selling clothes, toys, tiny t.v.s, ect. I am even selling some of Princess's clothes that don't fit her anymore. But she has been driving me crazy all day! When I had to set up in the morning I had to leave the door wide open and she would get out. Then once the garage sale started I closed the door, but she would scratch on the door and bark. A few times today I would let her out in the front, when nobody was there, but some one would show up while she was out there and she would go crazy barking.



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