Hey thanks for visiting my site! I have dedicated this site for my favorite person... well, animal, in the whole wide world. Princess, my poodle. 


Here's what has been up lately.

  • I added some pictures in the photo gallery page, it's Princess's home made photo shoot. It wasn't hard doing it, she was laying down most of the time. I know it's kind of old news, but it's still news!

  • I added a knew question to Princess's Trivia. It's 'What does Princess do when a person, car, dog, ect. comes by our house?' If you think you know the answer, check it out!

  • Princess won a photo contest! She's very cute, so I'm not surprised. It's on http://greenpigz.weebly.com. I love that picture of her on there! So cute! Just look on the picture's page there.

  • I love this website. Princess has an account on there. It's http://dailypuppy.com. They choose one puppy each day and put it up on there front page. I would submit Princess for that, but she's not a puppy anymore. And my pictures aren't professional enough to submit. My account name is princesspoodle2005. Just type it into the search bar.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Email me at mywebprincess@yahoo.com

Princess the poodle